Meet the Team

Eager to join this awesome team? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Tjeerd Harkema

LC Nijmegen (2016), LC Amsterdam (2017/2018)

Hi there alumni! My name is Tjeerd Harkema. I was a member of the iGT team in LC Nijmegen in 2016, and the president of AIESEC in Amsterdam during the 17/18-term. Currently, I am working as a Financial Trainee at the Dutch Ministry of Finance (I know I should have been VP FER). I enjoyed being in AIESEC a lot. I could not get enough of the entrepreneurial and altruistic mindset of, and the deep conversations with, fellow-AIESEC’ers. Therefore, I joined the team behind the AIESEC Alumni Association in order to never having to say goodbye to these pleasant (and hopefully) lifelong connections. I hope you join as well!

Lotte Dragt

LC Groningen (2014/2016)

Hi there! I’m Lotte, the dinosaur of the team (although I am very young). I was asked to join the team in 2018 before we organized our first alumni event: the 70th bday of AIESEC. I love organizing events, reuniting and connecting people ánd I love AIESEC so that’s why I am still happy to be part of the team!It can be quite challenging sometimes to move forward and book results in terms if visible output and activities for fellow alumni. Creating a sustainable alumni association will be a long term effort. But each time I see all the smiles and feel the – in my opinion still super special – energy in the room during our events makes it 100% worth it.
Hope to ever meet you at one of our activities, smile and wave. 🙋‍♀️

Pim Thijssen

LC Amsterdam (2019/2020)

Hi everyone! My name is Pim and in the 2019/2020 term I was the VP Finance and incoming Global Entrepreneur of LC Amsterdam. Not only am I an alumni, the iGE product is an alumni too as after my term it was decided not to continue the program. That’s unique, right? I had an amazing time in AIESEC where I had the opportunity to experience new challenges and meet fascinating people. After my term I started as a Financial Trainee at the Dutch government and currently I am doing my first position at the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat). However, as many AIESEC’ers experience, I could not let go of AIESEC completely and when I was asked to join the Alumni team I immediately said yes. Hopefully we all see each other soon at one of our many events! Oh and fun fact: the picture you see of me was taken during the very first time I was at the Berckt, in the parking lot of the venue as I was about to enter the Castle for the first time. Can you see my nerves?

Noah de Groot

LC Nijmegen (2016/2018), CCP (2018/2019)

My name is Noah de Groot, and after several AIESEC terms, I now find myself working in the Alumni team. I first started in AIESEC as a part-time oGT member in Nijmegen. Then, in July 2017 I started my term as VP oGV. Since I loved the conferences at the Berckt so much, I decided to apply for Conference Committee President and actually got the job! After this term, I took a short break from AIESEC, but last summer I was invited to take part in the Alumni team. Ofcourse, I couldn’t decline another opportunity to work for this amazing organization. I hope you guys will all join the Alumni network, so you can get the most out of your fellow connections and stay in touch with that óh so important AIESEC vibe. See you soon at an alumni event!

Ps. In the picture here you see me during an EB weekend in Marrakech, so make sure you keep in touch with your fellow AIESEC’ers for cool trips! 😉

Lotus Ho

LC Utrecht (2019/2020)

My name is Lotus Ho, former VP iGT in Utrecht (19.20). I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Strategic Human Resource Management and have a part-time job as a working student at GROHE. As a brand new AIESEC Alumni Team NL-member I am keen on continuing the AIESEC leadership journey also after the board year. I really love the high-paced, inspiring and connecting atmosphere we as AIESECers established together. Let’s come together, enjoy the company of fellow alumni and be inspired! 

Adriaan Dekkers

LC Amsterdam (2018/2019)

Hi there! I am Adriaan Dekkers. I was part of LC Amsterdam during 2018/2019. I joined as the NOUR marketing manager in the summer of 2018. After half a year I became content manager as well. Eventually I stayed in the LC of Amsterdam for one and a half year. Still I could not let go, together with 8 AIESEC’ers and alumni’s we organised International Talent Event Amsterdam. After this succes the energy of organising events was running through my veins, therefore I joined the Alumni team. Next to this you could know me from a member of the CC in 2019/2020 or the NST 2020/2021 in the Netherlands for online advertising. You’ve probably seen one of my ads targeting you!

Next to my AIESEC life I am rounding off my Hydrology master at the VU Amsterdam, which can be translated as water management with a programming background and I am currently working for Grow Up Digital. An online marketing agency.